Proguard Noizezz Universal Earplug

Purple - LOW
Purple - LOW
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ProGuard Noizezz Universal earplugs are low profile with an innovative design conforming to EN 352-2. Offering four levels of attenuation; when fitted correctly they are almost impossible to see. The Noizezz unique filter preserves speech intelligibility, music and essential warning alerts can still be heard. Providing a safe acoustic environment and essentially ultimate protection that will prevent hearing loss, tinnitus and other problems associated with exposure to high noise levels. Each set comes with micro-finned, curved soft silicon eartips designed to match the contours of the ear canal. The eartips are available in S, M, L and XL making them simple to insert and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

ProGuard Noizezz Universal – Purple filter Low gives a lower level of hearing protection. Noizzez can be used when flying to help relieve cabin pressure and aid sleep. Perfect when music or general sound levels are higher than expected. Sound will be reduced but not blocked allowing comfortable listening.

ProGuard Noizezz Universal – Green filter Medium protects your hearing from high levels of noise caused by Motorcycling, Music/Disco/Concerts; other areas of usage include catering or bar staff, fitness studios. Noizzez are an ideal tool for protecting your ears but still allowing a discrete level of audible sound through.

ProGuard Noizezz Universal – Orange filter High is intended to protect your ears against levels of noise you would expect to experience in an industrial production environment. Also a great benefit whilst studying when high concentration levels are required.

ProGuard Noizezz Universal – Red filter Extreme Red filter with its high level of hearing protection is ideal for shooting or extreme industrial noise. Really comfortable and helpful for sleeping with a noisy partner or anything similar that disturbs your sleep. A great all round product.

How to fit your Noizezz Earplugs instructional video on You Tube.

DELIVERY: All products ordered are shipped Royal Mail 1st Class. For overseas customers especially USA and Australia delivery can sometimes take up to 3 weeks. We currently do not make any postage and packing charge.


  • Proguard Noizezz Purple - LOW SNR15 suitable for Music, travelling, sleep,
  • ProGuard Noizezz Green - MED SNR17 suitable for Clubbing, Music, Gigs, motorcycling.
  • ProGuard Noizezz Orange - HIGH SNR19 suitable for industrial, motorsport, airports.
  • ProGuard Noizezz Red -EXTREME SNR21 suitable for extreme noise situations including shooting, noisy sleeping partners.
  • CE approved to EN352-2
  • Comes with 4 various sized eartips - so a perfect fit is guaranteed
  • Convenient storage case.The ProGuard guarantee of excellence.
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